A Star Is Born

We had a chance to attend Kayla’s high school play called “Onions in the Stew”. It was held at the original Main Street school. Kayla has been preparing for several weeks for this production. The original Longmont debut for this play was in ’65. Yes, that’s 1965. The original cast from 1965 put this play on in the same location. What’s more, any alum from 1965 who attended were granted free admission. Even better, we saw a group of folks looking over that year’s yearbook to find not only themselves but lots of long lost classmates as well. They were honored with applause by the cast at the beginning of the show but, quite uncomfortably, the wily director’s assistant quipped that the alumni should stand “if they are able” (referring to their “old age”). He received some good-natured boos, oohs a couple of giggles and was probably a bit embarrassed by the slip.


The play was great. The actors were on top of their lines and it was very well done. Kayla arrived toward the end of the second act and had a fun, bubbly role and the cutest baby doll curl hairdo. The other characters were funny, quirky and heartfelt. Last time Kayla was involved in this type of production was when she was in the music department for the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”. She may be in a future school production but only time will tell. Great job Kayla! We’re very proud!


Family Weekend Getaway 2012

Time: Sometimes there just isn’t enough of it to do the things that are most important. Sure, you get the kids to school and get to work, put in the work you need to get done and between that and school, not to mention the kids’ school, homework and activities, a lot *does* get done each and every week. The weekends during the school year are mainly spent ‘recovering’ or personal events you’ve been invited to. That’s all great but when is there ever time to take a time-out?

That time came in Mid-January as the Salazar family packed up the car and roof box full of warm clothes, sleds and snowshoes and headed up to Estes Park, Colorado to relax and find some time to have some fun. It was great! We checked in to Nicky’s Resort (which is more of a mountain-motel than an actual resort). It was cozy, especially for a family of four, but that was just fine by everyone. We weren’t going to spend a whole lot of time in the room anyway.

So over an ordinary weekend we managed to get a lot done. We took a scenic drive through Rocky Mountain National Park, hiked on snowshoes in the snow, visited a local winter festival to taste lots of chili in a cookoff contest and if we weren’t doing all of that, we were walking around, playing board games in the room and taking interesting Ghost & History Tours of the Stanley Hotel. It wasn’t far away and it wasn’t too expensive but it was something that created some nice memories for us to remember.

It was perfect. Well, except for the part where we all got locked out of the room while playing hide and seek in the parking lot on a cold and breezy night. But even that worked out ok and I know we’ll all smile whenever we think about it. I said it before and I’ll say it again… One of the greatest blessings in my life was the time when this group of people decided to come together and make a family. Love you guys!


Two Angry Canoers

Just havin’ some fun on the lake with the kids on a recent outdoor adventure.

Warped Tour 2010

By Vic

Had an amazing opportunity to go to Vans Warped Tour 2010 as a result of pulling some strings for my oldest. We ended up on the Vans guest list, except that we didn’t. Funny how things work sometimes. Since we weren’t on the list, we reached out to our Vans contact who then contacted a Vans staffer who got us priority access and backstage access. Better than we could have hoped!

We had a great time on a pretty warm day. There was a wide variety of music, people, vendors all on the Invesco Field grounds.

We saw Parkway Drive, Dropkick Murphys, went backstage where Kayla met somebody named Christopher Drew. 😉 Yeah, like there’s a single teenager that hasn’t heard of him.

Kayla then watched his band “Never Shout Never” and we wrapped up a long but extremely fun day. I’m sure I’ll come back next year armed with even more sunscreen. Great time! My wife and I weren’t the oldest people there but pretty close! Haha! Highly recommended for the young and young at heart. Looking forward to Warped Tour 2011!

Congratulations Devon!

El Cajon, CA

We have some exciting news to let you know about if you haven’t heard! Devon graduated from Granite Hills High School in El Cajon, CA on June 23, 2010.

Devon is looking toward the future with plans to dip his toes into the job market and continue his education as well. Big congratulations to you nephew and wishing you success in all your endeavors! We love you and we’re so proud of you!

No Experience Necessary

By Vic Salazar

This isn’t exactly recent news, just the first opportunity I’ve had to blog about it. Kayla got her driving permit in early May and she’s been logging hours behind the wheel. It’s been a bumpy ride being her instructor, at least initially. But she’s quickly getting the hang of it with only a few hiccups here and there.

During this phase of learning though, we try as much as possible to keep her away from bumper cars, slot car tracks and driving games on the Xbox. Actually, she’s pretty much done all three in the past few weeks. Uh oh!

As of the time of this posting, state law requires teens to carry their permit for a minimum of one year prior to applying for a driver’s license. Additionally, they must log a minimum number of hours behind the wheel with an authorized adult. If she passes her driving test when eligible, he could be licensed a few weeks before the end of her sophomore year. Congratulations on your rite of passage Kayla!

Slots of fun!

By Vic Salazar

Nothing like going full throttle into the straightway in a souped up sports car. Especially when that car is 1/32 scale and powered by electricity.

Team Salazar takes to the raceway with the new family racer at a local Slot Car Speedway. We are fortunate enough to have one of the only commercial slot car tracks in the state right here in our home town.

Slot car racing isn’t something I did much of as a kid. I thought I could learn the ropes with my kids though since it’s something they might not get a chance to do again if I don’t. The track is frequented by several older “kids-at-heart”, empty nesters I assume since they don’t have kids with them. The business isn’t short of younger kids though since the owners have one of their own and his friends who come to race and help out during races.

So far, we’ve learned quite a bit, met some new friends and it’s already seeming like this is going to be a fun new hobby for all of us. If we can develop the fine trigger control and learn the subtleties of the track, we can probably even start to enter a few races for the “thrill of the race”. We’re looking forward to our next trip to the track.

Wordless Wednesday

Just Dashing Through!

by Vic Salazar

July 27, 2010: The Salazar Family takes flight for the Lyons River Run in the beautiful mountain town of Lyons, Colorado. Past years have seen turnouts of over 500 participants on this picturesque running event. The energy of the crowd was palpable and the skies were clear and sunny on this gorgeous June morning. Finishing at sub-35min, sub-45 and sub-50 for running, run/walking and walking respectively, we each felt a sense of accomplishment and I expect this race will not be this family’s last. Way to go Salazar Family! You make me so proud!

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Wishing you happiness and vitality throughout the year with love!